Mushroom growing

Mushroom house

It is constructed from would-be  wasted plastic bottles and this is meant to encourage recycling. It is designed  with a top layer filled with soil used for vegetable growing in order to maximize space. Irrigation of the vegetables makes the mushroom house moist. Its completely light sealed as a condition for growth of mushrooms.

mushroom house
mushroom growing at St Kizito High School

How they grow.

They grow on cotton husks compacted in a polythene bag without an air inlet making a capsule. The capsules are then placed in the mushroom house and watered twice a day. Students are taught all stages of growing mushrooms which takes about a month to start harvesting.


Students sell the packaged mushrooms to parents and visitors. They can be consumed fresh or dry. They also supplement students and staff diet.

mushroom growing at St Kizito High School