Fees and Requirements

Dear Parents, We express our gratitude for your unwavering support and for entrusting us with your child’s education. On this page, you will find detailed information about our fees and admission requirements, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of your journey with us.

Admission fee is 100,000/= and below is the Fees structure, functional fees and other requirements.

For inquiries, call 0706 602720 / 0772 469320

S.1 & S.2 DAY 800,000/= 2,300/=
BOARDING 1,300,000/= 2,300/=
S.3 DAY 800,000/= 2,300/=
BOARDING 1,350,000/= 2,300/=
S.5 DAY 800,000/= 2,300/=
BOARDING 1,350,000/= 2,300/=
S.4 BOARDING 1,350,000/= 2,300/=
S.6 BOARDING 1,350,000/= 2,300/=


NB: All fees payments should be made using, Centenary Bank. Students Codes provided by the school. Payments can be made in Bank, Cent Agents or using Mobile Money (Airtel, MTN). Every deposit made should include a charge depending on a particular network chosen. FEES ONCE PAID IS NOT REFUNDABLE

A trouser and white shirt 50,000/= (O level) 60,000/= (A level)
School sweater 35,000/=
House T-shirt 15,000/=
Sunday T-shirt 25,000/=
Development fees 20,000/=
Passport size photos 5,000/=
Folder file 1,000/=
A ream of photocopying papers 20,000/=
Identity card 10,000/=
2 compound brooms and 2 classroom brooms 2,000/=
Laboratory fees 10,000/=
Library text book 30,000/=
6 toilet papers 3,000/=
A scrubbing brush 7,000/=
A peeling knife 1,000/=
Computer lab fee 20,000/=
Practical skills 20,000/=
Total O Level 274,000/=
Total A Level 284,000/=

NB: All the above should be paid in the Bank.

All students are supposed to buy school jumpers 50,000/=
2 green plain T-shirts for girls and 2 Red plain T-shirts for boys 26,000/=
2 black round, long free and non-transparent (Caribbean type) skirts for girls 55,000/=
2 pairs of long white stocking for girls 10,000/=
2 black trousers for boys (However parents can provide more than 2 pairs of casual wear) 53,000/=
ALL BOARDING STUDENTS must pay a fee for shaving off hair during the term 4,000/=
TOTAL BOYS 133,000/=
TOTAL GIRLS 145,000/=


Payment for the above items is made at school

Students are supposed to report with 3 masks, 1 Litre Sanitizer, 3 Litres of JIK physically.

Other types of clothes other than casual wear are NOT allowed in school for all students in Day and Boarding.

1 Mattress and 1 blanket 2 Night wears (boys and girls)
2 pairs of Bed sheets and 1 mosquito net 6 Toilet paper rolls
2 pairs of Black low heeled shoes 2 shavers and 1 water bottle
2 tins of Shoe polish and 3 shoe brushes 3 tooth brushes and and 3 pcs of toothpaste
5 pcs of bathing soap and 2 bars of washing soap 1 nail cutter, 2 towels and 5 pair of socks
6 packets of sanitary wear and 2 petty coats (girls) 1 pair of open shoes, 1 pant peg and 2 bathing sponges
1 dozen of dunderwear / knickers (Boys and girls) 1 pair of slippers and 1 deodrant
3 inputs and 4 Bras (girls- black or white) 2 tins of vaseline, 5 handkerchiefs and 1 comb
20 black books, 2 graphy books 2 art books 3 art pencils 1 basin, 1 bucket and one 10 litre jerrycan
1 dozen of pens, 5 pencils and 1 geometry set 1 school bag and 5 kgs of sugar.


Any form of jeans and fitting fashions shall be confiscated if found.

students are advised to CLEARLY LABEL ALL their property such as Uniforms, Casual wear, scholastics among others