paver making

Transforming Erosion into Elegance


Erosion is a persistent issue, particularly during rainy seasons. The runoff water worsens this problem, leading to the formation of unsightly and problematic trenches. Our campus, located in Namugongo, benefits from a water channel that collects runoff from neighboring areas. While this channel provides an essential function, it also results in a continuous buildup of silt.

From silt to building materials

To address this challenge, we’ve initiated a unique project. We dredge the channel to collect the silt, which serves as a valuable resource. This silt is ingeniously used to create building materials which include pavers and pompey.

Pavers are solid blocks made of compacted sand and cement. These blocks are commonly used in creating well-designed walkways and compounds. At our school, we take this a step further by utilizing the collected silt to make these pavers.

The silt is mixed with cement and water, skillfully shaped into the desired forms, and left to dry. Once ready, these pavers are laid throughout our school compound, imparting a sense of order and beauty to our surroundings. This not only addresses the erosion issue but also enhances the aesthetics of our school.

Innovation: Plastic Pavers on the Horizon

Our commitment to sustainability doesn’t end here. We’re also at the forefront of research to explore alternative methods of recycling. Our latest endeavour involves investigating the feasibility of using recycled plastic to create eco-friendly plastic pavers, further contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.