Paver Making

What is a paver?

A paver is block of compacted sand and cement laid in walkways and compounds. The school is blessed with a water channel connected to main roads in Namugongo. Channel collects run-off from neighbouring areas leading to a huge constant desposit of silt. 

The channel is dredged to get the silt that is used to make pavers.

dredging water channel

Sieving the silt attained

This is meant to separate fine particles from large particles. Small particles are used to make pavers while large ones are used for construction.

Compacted to make a paver

A mixture of silt water and cement is used, compacted by a manual machine and left to dry for a few days.

extruding pavers
laying the pavers

Laying the pavers

Students help in carrying the pavers to respective areas where the’re to be laid and the Landscaping Club is responsible for laying the pavers on the school compound.

Youth shaping our destiny

"The club has played a huge role in beautifying the school, the club also helps in construction of fountains in the school."
Kisige Joseph
Kisige joseph
Patron Landscaping Club