Skills Development


In a world where academic excellence is just one facet of success, we at Our School believe in nurturing well-rounded individuals. To achieve this, we’ve seamlessly integrated practical skills development into our teaching schedule, recognizing that success doesn’t solely revolve around textbooks but extends to valuable skills that are necessary in today’s ever-evolving world.

One of the reasons behind our practical skills curriculum is our commitment to addressing the pressing issue of climate change. We firmly believe that education should be a catalyst for change, aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Many of the practical skills imparted at our school are geared towards finding sustainable solutions to global challenges, including climate change.

A Multitude of Skills:

Our students engage in a diverse array of practical skills development, which includes:

Briquettes Production

Briquettes are an alternative cooking fuel source that can substitute ordinary charcoal and firewood.

SDG 7 & 13

Fish Farming

Our sustainable aquaculture emphasizes responsible fish farming to safeguard our school’s water habitats and aquatic life.

SDG 14

Plastic Waste Recycling

Instead of allowing plastic to harm our environment, we transform it into something beautiful and useful.

SDG 12

Smart Agriculture

We optimise small spaces through use of innovative vertical gardens made from repurposed waste especially plastics.


Other projects

These include food waste recycling, poultry farming, herbal toothpaste production, mushroom growing, using silt to make building materials, soap & liquid soap making, bakery, candle making, sanitary pads making, art & fashion using recycled clothes and cutoffs, and ICT based innovations among others.